Facebook has locked out Native Americans after deeming their names fake

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Rudy TwoMoonYesterday my son Rudy TwoMoon was kicked off Facebook for using his LEGAL Native American name.

Yes some of his articles have been reinstated but not all but only after having to submit to verifying his LEGAL State Driver’s License. Wondering when his wife, my daughter-in-law Dr. Julie TwoMoon and his son whose last name is also TwoMoon will have to provide their identification… and the TwoMoon’s aren’t the only ones.

Facebook has locked out Native Americans from using the social network after deeming their names to be fake.

Users from indigenous tribes have received messages asking them to change their legal names to ones that do not “violate the company’s standards”.

A woman called Lone Hill, whose first name is Dana, had sent three forms of identification to Facebook so the company could “investigate” whether she was a real person, according to a report by Colorline.

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