America’s Oldest Veteran, Richard Overton, Is 109. Celebrated With Cigars And Burgers.

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From The Washington Post:

America’s oldest vet is turning 109. He celebrated with cigars and burgers.

By Elahe Izadi

How does America’s oldest veteran celebrate his 109th birthday? With cigars, burgers and milkshakes, of course.

World War II veteran and Austin resident Richard Overton celebrated at an outdoor party on Sunday, surrounded by neighbors, friends and local dignitaries who lit up cigars and wished him well, localmedia reported.

The soon-to-be 109-year-old (his birthday is May 11) still tends to his lawn and drives his car, the Wall Street Journal reported. He’s also been known to drive widows to church.

The East Austin resident is a fan of cigars and whiskey, although he partakes of the latter only occasionally now.


Overton chatted with The Post in November and had this to say when asked about his longevity: “You have to ask God about that. He brought me here…

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