Anger as Grand Turk dolphin park moves a step closer

Repeating Islands


Gemma Handy reports on reactions to a dolphin park to be built at a Grand Turk site. International animal rights campaigners are battling against dolphin parks in Turks and Caicos Islands—while planning chiefs confirm outline permission has been granted for the Grand Turk site.

[. . .] “Cruel greed”, “exploitation” and “nothing short of water circuses” are just some of the accusations from heavyweight critics which include world champion freediver Tanya Streeter.

Ogail Awad, deputy director of planning, revealed that proposals by Dolphin Cove had moved a step closer for the proposed North Creek facility. Mr Awad said outline planning permission – the first stage in securing official approval – was given in the “last few months”. The Jamaica-based firm has one year from the date it became effective to complete the next stage of the process which includes submitting detailed development plans and completing environmental impact assessments now underway.

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