VIDEO BBC Compares Sandwiches Being Thrown to Migrants to Nazi Concentration Camps, Footage they Won’t Show

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White House Claims 10,000 Refugees From Syria Will Be Vetted, FBI Says They Will NOT
Emotionally manipulative propaganda piece reinforces media narrative on refugee crisis
September 11, 2015 by Paul Joseph Watson

Apparently, a video of police throwing sandwiches to hungry migrants at a camp in Hungary is comparable to Jews being gassed in Nazi concentration camps.

That’s if you believe an overt propaganda piece published by the BBC which shows footage of a group of migrants clamoring for food at the Roszke migrant camp near the Serbian border. The article, which is currently the top story on the BBC News website, is entitled ‘Migrant crisis: People treated ‘like animals’ in Hungary camp’.

The clip, which is backed by an ominous sounding and emotionally manipulative soundtrack, is narrated by an activist named Klaus Kufner, who states, “It reminded me of a concentration camp.”

Video at this link

The music…

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