Violence Against Women, Part 2: Gently Unplugging the Patriarchy

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Who feels it, knows it.

Although the Sixteen Days of Activism following the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women officially ended yesterday (Human Rights Day), I had to write this postscript to Jamaica’s official recognition of that day – a carefully structured but ultimately dissatisfying exercise. There was a catalog of woes; much hand-wringing; much talk of what we “must do”; what there “needs to be.” 

Well actually, this is much more than a postscript. This was an evening that addressed “root causes,” something that UNAIDS‘ Dr. Pierre Somse had urged the Bureau of Women’s Affairs to consider deeply at the earlier meeting. “We are always talking about the symptoms” of violence against women, observed Sherene, who works for Prana.

Who are Prana? They are a small communications and PR company that specializes in wellness and positive lifestyle brands. Prana has just…

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