The Friday File: Incense & Inspiration

The Chicago Files

incense sticks

I must say my experiences with lesson learning and meeting some amazing souls continues to occur.  For example, this morning I had such an incredible chat with one of these profound people that I literally could not wait to get home and write a post about it!

There is an older gentleman who, on occasion, sets up a wee box by our local train station.  On display are various boxes of incense; you know, the fragrant sticks that permeate the air with scents of patchouli, sandalwood, and cedar.  He isn’t always there; however, this morning I caught a waft of sandalwood in the air and knew he was close by.  I thought to myself, should I just keep walking as I usually do, or should I stop and say hello.  Oh, I wanted to mention that last summer he saw me wearing a purple shirt (my favorite color) and he…

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