Book Review — Collected Poems: Len Gasparini

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Between the H-bomb and the hula hoop
came rock and roll
Between McCarthyism and the ducktail haircut
came rock and roll
Between the Civil Rights movement and Clearasil
came rock and roll
When Elvis Presley came
white was really never the same

~ Memories of the Rockin’ Fifties

Collected Poems by Len GaspariniCollected Poems: Len Gasparini by Len Gasparini is a collection of the poets half century of writing. A native of Windsor, Ontario, Gasparini has written poetry, fiction, nonfiction, plays, and children’s books. In 1990, he was awarded the F.G. Bressani Literary Prize for poetry. In 2010, he won the NOW Open Poetry Stage event. Having lived in Montreal, Vancouver, New Orleans, and Washington State, he now divides his time between Toronto and his hometown.

When your collection opens with a poem about rock and roll, it really sets the tone. Gasparini was really influenced by his hometown, across the bridge from Mo-Town…

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