David Sedaris

Writers' Spotlight

daveSedWhat does it take for writers to be read? There are a lot of writers and aspirants out there, and they all dream of fame: some might have the talent; and some might have the skills, some might have both, or some might not have nothing at all. Regardless, there are necessary skills required for writers to succeed. To know thy audience; to know thy purposes; and, to commit to their distinctive styles–are the keys to successful writing.

Lester Faigley, author of the Brief Penguin Handbook emphasizes “Readers do not expect writers to tell them something that they know already.” Faigley further stresses that if readers can predict exactly where a writer is going, even if they fully agree, they will either skim to the end or stop reading” (1). No wonder why, New Yorker humorist David Sedaris delivers his incredible sense of humor with so much passion in all of…

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