VIDEO In Soros’ Baltimore’s Riots is America’s Union Once Again at Issue? – Anarchy in Baltimore!

Reclaim Our Republic

It has been established that MB Obama Puppeteer George Soros is behind the Coup in Kiev, Ferguson Riots and the Baltimore Riots.
-Angry mother beats son for participating in Baltimore riots
-Sheriff David Clarke: Failed Liberal Policies Behind Ferguson, Baltimore Riots
-Limbaugh: Liberal Democrats To Blame For Baltimore
-Anarchy in Baltimore
-Candidate Clinton Blames Baltimore Riots on Income Inequality
-Martial Law: Police, National Guard Invade Baltimore Streets
Protest v Riot thefederalistpapers
29 April, 2015 Dr. Alan Keyes

In January, 1987 Clarence Burns became the first black mayor in the history of Baltimore. Since that time the city has had four mayors, all of them Democrats, two of them women, and all but one of them Black. That’s just over 20 years of black leadership over the last 28 years. As for Party, the city hasn’t seen a Republican mayor since Theodore McKeldin in 1963. Yet, as Walter Williams points out in Liberty versus the…

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