“My sun sets to rise again” Robert Browning

Resounding Power


We are into the final week of April and what a month it has been- Rebirth has certainly been the theme, from my perspective on this wonderful world of ours!

As I said before, this has been a time of pushing energies- energies that have caused us to question our every decision, to question our path, to feel restless; pushing us to feel and/or act erratically because of the discomfort this restlessness brings.

If we just shift our perspective though, we can see that these energies have been a push to commit to our true path. To realise what is truly important to us and showing us where we are not holding to our truth.

It is encouraging- demanding- us to let go of negative behaviours, negative attitudes, negative relationships, negative patterns…it is pushing us to free ourselves from our self-imposed limitations. To allow ourselves to be reborn in our…

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