U is for . . . Ungoliant

Part Time Monster

Ungolilant, a monstrous spider with the ability to consume light, is one of the most powerful character’s in Tolkien’s Silmarillion. If you don’t know the Silmarillion, here’s a handy three-minute version.

Fortunately, I don’t have to write a character summary for Ungoliant today, because the always-fabulous A Tolkienist’s Perspective already has one – and check out the post for an awesome discussion just who Ungoliant is and where she came from.

That leaves us with the same question I asked of Lilith: Just what sort of warning is Ungoliant? In the story, the Melkor entices Ungoliant to poison the two light-producing trees with the promise of elf-gems (which also contain light) to feed her insatiable hunger. Eventually she demands all the gems – including the Silmarils, which contain the last light of the two trees.

She almost gets the better of him in the fight, and he only fends…

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