Cuban art may be the next big thing on the art market

Repeating Islands

A man rides his bicycle past a wall painting in Cienfuegos, Cuba

This article by Jerry Hagstrom appeared in The National Journal. Here is an excerpt. Follow the link below for the original report.

As the United States and Cuba move toward full diplomatic relations, will Cuban art become the next big thing in the art world?

Or will Americans get ripped off as they travel to Cuba and buy paintings, prints, and sculpture that haven’t been properly curated or priced because all art in Cuba must be sold through government galleries?

The answer to that question may seem minor compared to issues like human rights or whether Cuba will allow US companies to modernize its telecommunications system, but it would be a highly visible signal of the nature of future US-Cuban relations.

Whether Cuba develops a real art market depends on whether the Cuban government agrees to allow privately owned galleries, so that the kind of evaluation and pricing that…

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