Painting: abstract apollo butterfly

From Bluerock

I’m “upcycling” old, unfinished watercolour paintings by using the beautiful D’Arches paper as underpaintings for my current acrylic & mixed media work.


To begin, I coated some of the old painting with white gesso, then I used it as a place to lay excess paint while working on another piece (you can see the other piece propped up in the background). This gave me some strong shapes to work from…


I drew large free-form arcs in pencil, then began to define more shapes.


In this series I’m working on a few different pieces at a time, as I explore juxtaposing colour bars to depict moving colour.



I created textures by scraping some of the wet paint with the end of a large nail.


I added some opaque colours: a warm off-white (“titan buff”), a black-ish purple that I mixed, Naples yellow and Stainless Steel (these are all Golden brand acrylic…

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