It’z Not Just About A Few Rogue Copz The Use Of U.S. Anti-Terroristz Tacticz On Black And Brown People Everywhere

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Moorbey'z Blog

by Jamala Rogers

“It isn’t just about the surplus military equipment
that local police departments get from the
Department of Defense; it’s also about the
interrogation practices between civilian and
military that gets mixed into one circle of torture.”

The scathing report from the Department of Justice on its investigations into the Ferguson police and court practices is only an indication of a systemic problem in our justice system. The issues of police violence and corruption have garnered national center stage since the killing of Mike Brown by Ferguson cop Darren Wilson last summer. The DOJ has confirmed what we already know: The racist system unfairly targeted African Americans in the streets and in the courts. And while these encounters are definitely important and well worth the attention, I believe we often fail to fully examine the expanded impact of racist and militaristic policies and the human and financial toll…

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