At the end of the day … “BeyondBlue: STOP. THINK. RESPECT.”!!

It Is What It Is


~~April 2, 2015~~ 


I found this video today as I was surfing the net, looking for interesting topics.

My world has been reeling for a while and it became worse when this stupidity about the  national outrage over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, signed by Gov. Mike Pence on Friday, March 27, 2015.

There has been huge backlash since the signing of this law.

It’s making me think … it’s discrimination at its best against the LGBTQ community.

However, let’s consider other minorities: African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic, Latinos, Jews, left handed people, brown eye people, Muslims …. the list is endless.

If this isn’t stopped …. you could be the next one. And it happens everywhere.

HortyRex ©


“No one should be made to feel like crap, just for being who they are”


Beyondblue’s national campaign highlighting the impact of racism on Indigenous Australians


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