Barack Announces Student Aid Bill Of Rights At Georgia Institute Of Technology.

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President Obama Signs a Presidential Memorandum on College Opportunity

Published on Mar 10, 2015

On March 10, 2015, President Obama delivered remarks on making college more affordable before singing a Presidential Memorandum that supports the President’s Student Aid Bill of Rights. Learn more:

President Obama Speaks on Education at Georgia Tech

Published on Mar 10, 2015

President Obama will be delivering remarks on education in Atlanta at Georgia Tech.


Remarks by the President Announcing Student Aid Bill of Rights

Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia

1:51 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, Atlanta!  Hello, Yellow Jackets!  (Applause.)  This is a pretty good-looking crowd here!  (Applause.)


THE PRESIDENT:  He says thank you.  (Laughter.)  I wasn’t directing it specifically at you, but you do look pretty good — what do you think?  (Laughter.)  I mean, I may not be the gauge — you should…

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