Awesome!!!! Hugs, Barbara


I know…this isn’t a duet. It was a duet but I re-wrote it this morning so I could continue to publish on schedule. I hope you enjoy.

Written by Hastywords

Trials fell from the stars
Before my glistening eyes
They landed hard and fast
Before a focus could be set

I sat watching, hopeful
That somehow… somehow
I would find answers
And a bit of peaceful resolve

I took in the fading sunset
As metaphorical flames rose
Incinerating my inner chaos
Recalculating my future path

Crickets chimed the hour
As night swallowed day
And I watched in silence
The vast expanse of night

I allowed all my passion
And all my hidden rage
To tango passionately across
A starlit midnight stage

My heart slowed its pace
My breath soft and slow
Peace began to seep
Into shadows I held deep

And still the breaking of dawn
Colors the visiting night…

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