Hypervigilance – the final frontier

Shirley's Heaven

“After a traumatic experience, the human system of self-preservation seems to go onto permanent alert, as if the danger might return at any moment.”
Judith Lewis Herman, Trauma and Recovery

I was just thinking about how far I’ve come in my recovery in the past 30 years. Starting with my recovery from an eating disorder and then peeling off the underlying layers of anxiety and depression, I now realize that many of my issues were related to the stress of growing up in an unstable environment – a kind of post-traumatic stress disorder. Recovery has been an ambitious but slow-moving undertaking and I don’t think I have peaked yet.

Worrying Cartoon

Recently I have identified a tendency in myself that still needs some work, and it can be best summarized by the word hypervigilance. Certain aspects of this concept provide me with a label to place on the residual…

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