Healthy Malted Milk Milkshakes for Kids and Adults

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A tough job of parents today is trying to find snacks and treats for kids that are not chock full of sugar and other questionable ingredients that may or may not be bad for our kids’ health. Sure, there are a lot of healthy options for kids to snack on out there, but we really need to find a balance between healthy and tasty. One great way to give our kids a healthy and sweet snack is through an item that was wildly popular just 60 years ago, that we somehow seem to have forgotten: the classic malted milk.

What Is Malted Milk?

Malted milk is a power — sometimes called a gruel — that is made up of malted barley, wheat flour and evaporated whole milk. It was originally developed by James Horlick, a London-based pharmacist who — with his brother — aimed to create a healthy form of…

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