The Return of the Modern Philosopher

candleCandle, candle burning bright,

Warm me on this frigid night.

Provide a light so I might see

The amazing world surrounding me.

Candle, candle with dancing flame,

I hear the darkness call my name.

Protect me in your orange glow

From shadow monsters down below.

Candle, candle do not flicker

Or else you’ll bring the blackness quicker.

I sense the walls are closing in,

When you go out, my fears begin.

Candle, candle in my hand

Provide the strength to take a stand.

If you help me to be brave

I’m sure the demons will behave.

Candle, candle don’t get smaller

I see the shadows growing taller.

Illuminate the garden path

And I’ll escape from evil’s wrath.

Candle, candle never leave me

Or else my blindness will deceive me.

With you forever at my side

I shall never need to hide.

Candle, candle burning bright

Inspire courage against the night…

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