Organized Acts of Kindness—at Death’s Door – by Dietrich Gruen (Hospice Chaplain)

Kindness Blog

Sunlight_-_wallpaper_free_at_google_112211334As a fan of this column, I note that many acts of kindness reported therein are of the “random” variety. You know, the kindness shown to strangers. To the homeless. Once upon a time. On impulse, or in obedience to a nudge from our better selves (or better halves).

Some might even act kindly in response to a “still small voice” from Heaven above, from a God who deigns to get involved in human affairs and lift our spirits here on earth, even at death’s door.

In my case, the acts of kindness to which I bear witness are of the “organized” variety. All in response to two deaths in our church, on recent back-to-back weekends.

On these two occasions, I see people laying out chairs for the visitation and setting tables with piles of food. Others are handing out funeral bulletins, staffing the guest book, capturing the picture boards…

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