Launch of ‘Miss Lou: Louise Bennett and Jamaican Culture”

Repeating Islands


This article by Basil Walters appeared in Jamaica’s Observer. Our thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.

PROFESSOR Mervyn Morris, Jamaica’s Poet Laureate, launched his latest book, Miss Lou: Louise Bennett and Jamaican Culture, at Lecture Theatre 3, University of the West Indies, on Tuesday.

It is a mini-biography on the legendary folklorist Louise ‘Miss Lou’ Bennett-Coverley who died in 2006.

Morris, who was a close friend of Bennett-Coverley, said while Miss Lou’s performing skills are evident in the range of her work, he noted there was formidable opposition to her work.

“Although her work was mainly African heritage, Miss Lou always mingled in different streams…she was not excluding people,” he explained. “Miss Lou was trying to redress cultural imbalance. She was not trying to reject standard English.”

He pointed out that Miss Lou was religious and deeply spiritual. He closed by reading from his book.

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