Ferguson, Missouri jails people for being poor

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This video from the USA says about itself:

27 August 2014

Is Ferguson Feeding off the Poor? City Disproportionately Stops, Charges and Fines People of Color.

From Newser.com in the USA:

Ferguson Sued Over ‘Debtors’ Prisons

Suit says city routinely locks up people too poor to pay fines

By Rob Quinn, Newser Staff

Feb 9, 2015 12:30 AM CST

Debtors’ prisons vanished from most of the US in the 1830s but Ferguson, Missouri is still routinely locking up people who can’t afford to pay fines, according to a group of civil rights lawyers suing the city. A pair of lawsuits accuse Ferguson and Jennings, another St. Louis suburb, of unconstitutionally jailing people for non-payment of traffic fines and other minor offenses without considering whether they are able to pay, reports NPR. The Ferguson suit accuses the city, which has a population of 21,000 and issued nearly…

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