Iraq war still damaging democracy in Britain

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This video says about itself:

Iraq War Soldier Punished For Not Killing Civilian | Interview with Ryan Endicott

19 March 2014

Abby Martin speaks with [United States] Iraq War veteran Ryan Endicott, discussing the lasting legacy of the war on the 11th anniversary of the US invasion.

By Jeremy Corbyn in Britain:

Sins the Iraq generation can’t forget

Friday 6th February 2015

While foreign policy doesn’t dominate election debates, the so-called ‘war on terror’ has permanently damaged politics, writes JEREMY CORBYN

AS WE draw closer to a general election, international affairs and foreign policy tend to take a back seat in public debate. Typically they are barely mentioned at all during the intensity of the four-week re-election campaign.

Labour would do well to remember that the Iraq invasion of 2003 produced a huge swing against Labour two years later — and in the longer term, much more significantly, a…

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