Spanish ex-ruling party treasurer jailed for 42 years?

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This video says about itself:

Spain: Rajoy suggests close contact with Bárcenas during financial scandal

14 July 2013

New information suggests Spain’s prime minister had far closer links to the man at the centre of a [financial scandal than was known earlier].

From Reuters news agency:

Spain prosecutor calls for 42-year jail term for former ruling party treasurer

MADRID Fri Jan 16, 2015 4:29pm GMT

Spain’s anti-corruption prosecutor has called for a 42-and-a-half years prison sentence for the ruling party‘s former treasurer, Luis Barcenas, for crimes ranging from fraud to money laundering, a court source said on Friday.

Barcenas, who has been in custody since June 2013, has already admitted to channelling millions of euros of cash donations from construction magnates into the pockets of People’s Party (PP) leaders.

The prosecutor has called on Spain’s High Court to charge Barcenas with six crimes including tax fraud…

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