Phoenix with Butterfly Wings- Reborn

Through the Fog poetry

-Unknown -Unknown

I’m struggling, I’m fighting the good fight
Keeping myself up every damn night
I keep the twilight within me from healing
That roar within that dampens all feeling

The dark keeps screaming, yanking my hair
Fingers around my throat, I gasp for air
Blackness closing in, but it can’t take me
As my eyes close, my spirit begins to see…

I’m a phoenix with butterfly wings
As I plunge into the darkness my soul sings
From the ashes, a melody rings
Healing light transmutes to sound
Wings unfurl, then swoop from the ground

Leaving trails of sparks and flame, fireworks on high
Graceful and swift, leaving infinity symbols in the sky
Soaring up to swirl with the stars, to kiss the moon
I feel you calling, love…  My heart calls back, soon…

-Unknown -Unknown


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