Winter’s Golden Song

Friendly Fairy Tales

Golden Winter Grasses

The years stack like a tower of books,
Each with its stories: lights shining,
Songs sung and music woven throughout:
“People writing songs that voices never shared,”
“Standing at the crossroads of the hill,”
“I see trees of green, red roses, too.”
“Two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard,”
“Looking for adventure in whatever comes our way,”
“I crossed the ocean for a heart of gold,”
“I’ll always remember you like a child.”
“Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea.”
“One pill makes you larger, and one makes you small.”
“Sunshine came softly through my window today,”
“Happiness runs.”

Happy and Prosperous New Year!! May you be showered with good things this coming year.

This is my 500th Post!! Woo-hoo!!

Warmly, Brenda

(Lyrics were swirling around in the gray nimbus clouds, thanks to Louis Armstrong, Steppenwolf, Simon and Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, Peter, Paul and Mary…

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