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Chronic Conditions & Life Lessons

Driving home the other evening, I was struck by peaceful lights of beauty appearing in a sky of dusk.  Nearing darkness, shades of pink and coral contrasted against the horizon of dusty blue.  Before I rounded the bend, I pulled off the winding road in order to capture such sights from the camera on my phone.

Ironic, how God works.  Just before the unexpected sight of “Heaven,” I was reminiscing about a family friend who had passed away ten years ago during holiday time.  I remember the late stages of his illness as being such a dichotomy.  Christmas trees at hospitals.  Smiles for the sake of children.  Death approaching while filling carts with Santa’s toys.

Has ten years passed me by?  It hardly seems possible…and yet, lifetimes have come and gone….  If I unearthed a time capsule from all those years ago, what would I find?  Deep down inside there would be…

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Nuclear polluters greenwashing themselves

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from Britain is called Cumbria Wildlife Trust – High Fell – Farmland Birds.

By Marianne Birkby in England:

Beware nuclear firms bearing charitable gifts

Monday 15th December 2014

A donation to Cumbria Wildlife Trust comes from the same companies whose nuclear plans endanger local wildlife, says Marianne Birkby

Christmas has come early for Cumbria Wildlife Trust with a gift of £59,994 to “create 40 hectares of reedbed at Foulshaw Moss” in the South Lakes.

This sounds fantastic until you follow the money from Sita Trust and see exactly where it originates.

Sita Trust is wholly sponsored by Sita UK. Sita UK is wholly owned by GDF Suez — the same French-owned energy multinational which is partner with Toshiba/Westinghouse in the plan for new nuclear reactors between Sellafield, Beckermet, Calderbridge and Braystones.

Sita UK specialises in waste, including nuclear waste, and is also behind the plan…

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Education – liberation; or how education should be.


Good education is

a form of liberation,

a way of divining

and finding the essence

of ones soul,

and applying it with modesty

and love to the world around us,

and having an understanding

and ability to work with our fellow humans.

The problem is

who decides what a

good education is

and how it should be constituted,

for most education systems,

get one ready to fit into

the status quo,

to fit into society as business, government

and society need it to be,

there is no liberation in this,

as it demeans people,

and destroys their creative spirit,

which is probably why

mind, body, spirit

talks, books and classes are so

popular today,

and is also the reason

that we cannot get to a

stage where meaningful change

in the way we approach the problems

besetting our earth are undertaken,

and violence and war

are still ongoing.

We need…

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Fallen angel’s Plight


broken wings

I need to run I need to hide,

My wings  are clipped  my feet are tied.

I need to scream, but I can not cry.

Afraid  to stay , too tired  to fly

Alone  under a moon lit sky.

Can I run, can I hide,

Can I beat this pain inside

Will it  end, will I be  no more

Will I find  the key to the locked door.

Broken angel  that is  me

No longer blessed no longer free.

Shackled so harshly tied down

Lost  to all now bound to the ground.

Fallen Angel

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Fresh Orange Tofu Spicy Stir fry

Chitra's Healthy Kitchen

Tofu Orange gravy final


There are multi benefits of this recipe like it’s easy, quick, guilt free, tasty and can be made in jiffy isn’t it wonderful?  Coming back to this recipe; fresh, juicy orange with sweet & sour sauce along with hint of spicy tomato chilli sauce give this dish a kick.   This goes well with any fried rice or noodles or with just plain steamed rice.

This dish is composed of one of my most basic Stir Fry or Noodle sauce recipes and a bunch of fresh veggies and tofu. The sauce is extremely simple to make and coats the vegetables and tofu perfectly with the addition of corn starch to help thicken the sauce. I usually serve this stir fry with some Quinoa or brown rice. It’s healthy, easy to make, and tastes great…my type of dish!

Yields-3-4 servings
Preparation time-15 minutes
Cooking time-15 minutes
Waiting time-30 minutes

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