Trinidad and Tobago Earmarks $9.7 Million for Carnival “Industry”

Repeating Islands


The government of Trinidad and Tobago announced Tuesday the distribution of $9.7 million to regional Carnival committees with the aim of transforming the country’s famous bash into a year-round generator of tourism revenue, The Latin American Herald Tribune reports.

The National Carnival Commission has distributed the money to the regional committees with the hope that there could be at least one event per month, the minister of Arts and Multiculturalism, Lincoln Douglas, said in a statement.

“Moving from a festival to an industry is what we’re about. We’re putting all the processes in place. The production, the artistry, distribution, copyright and intellectual property rights, so that we can move from not only a festival but into an industry,” Douglas said.

The NCC’s chairperson, Lorraine Pouchet, told representatives of the regional committees that the $9.7 million in intended to “go some distance toward offsetting the costs you incur in making regional…

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