Nuclear polluters greenwashing themselves

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This video from Britain is called Cumbria Wildlife Trust – High Fell – Farmland Birds.

By Marianne Birkby in England:

Beware nuclear firms bearing charitable gifts

Monday 15th December 2014

A donation to Cumbria Wildlife Trust comes from the same companies whose nuclear plans endanger local wildlife, says Marianne Birkby

Christmas has come early for Cumbria Wildlife Trust with a gift of £59,994 to “create 40 hectares of reedbed at Foulshaw Moss” in the South Lakes.

This sounds fantastic until you follow the money from Sita Trust and see exactly where it originates.

Sita Trust is wholly sponsored by Sita UK. Sita UK is wholly owned by GDF Suez — the same French-owned energy multinational which is partner with Toshiba/Westinghouse in the plan for new nuclear reactors between Sellafield, Beckermet, Calderbridge and Braystones.

Sita UK specialises in waste, including nuclear waste, and is also behind the plan…

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