The Fiery Tail Portal

imagery freak

Portal in the Hidden Grotto

Do you remember how you saw the world as a child?

The wonderful dreams of fairies, monsters, and epic journeys to fantastical places.

Then, there were the horrific tales of witches, clowns, demons, fiends, gypsies, and things that waited underneath your bed to slide their claws around the ankle that you left out from beneath the bed clothes, to snatch you away to a netherworld of fear.

Follow me back to that land that we have almost forgotten. The world that created our true psyche, a place of dreams, thrills, and fears. I want to remove the adult blinders, and take you back to that insanely beautiful kingdom that is so full of wonders. I want to tell you stories of that world and I also want to share the images that I have from that place. It is not make believe, it is simply a suppressed memory, as we…

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