No Animosity…Just Curiosity

Borrelia_burgdorferi-cropped Borrelia Burgdorferi – Lyme Disease Bacteria

Could my body be more broken?

I am not sure…

I have done everything I can think of to recover from the assault.

The muscles are tight and tired, the tendons stretched beyond capacity.

The bones are out of alignment and they hurt.

And all of this after I was so completely balanced there was no need for a reboot!


What are the lessons to be learned?

Surely, there is a reason for this physical pain…

There is a piece – a tiny sliver of something that has yet to be seen.

It is there, I can feel it now.

I can isolate it and possibly give it a name.

Time to work on the origin…

Time to acknowledge the pain and to free it from my soul.


The journey has been long and winding.

I have been shown so much.


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