yesterday’s dream


without stiffness of protocol
and banner of investiture
with no consecration of hands
or dub of metal on a shoulder

slums were bulldozed clear
the displaced housed
cities dropped their noisy voices
bridges crooned a wind music
statues no longer deferential
doffed their white gloves
each street and corner swept
every pigeon roosted

parks in eternal summer
greener than ever i saw them
flowers sprucing the hour
and the sky under azure orders

dreams tease
but make no promises
they are their own flow
arhythmic flux without seconds
and don’t care if they solidify
the liquid logic of desires
what happens happens

putting spirit first
not pretending to grasp a mind
that pins comfortable fixed colours
to an uncertain mast

it takes will to separate
from the longing for imperatives
more than a conscious hour
or a thought to do just that
and it’s no victory or defeat
to give…

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