And Croatia’s Child Poverty Is Alarming – UNICEF

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Child poverty in Croatia Child poverty in Croatia

A UNICEF report “Children of the Recession” released Tuesday 28 October in Rome says that 2.6 million children have sunk below the poverty line in the world’s most affluent countries since the financial crisis began in 2008. The total number of children living in poverty in rich countries has risen to an estimated 76.5 million.
The report found that the social policy responses of countries with similar economic circumstances varied markedly, with differing impacts on children,” said Jeffrey O’Malley, UNICEF’s head of global policy and strategy, in a press release on the organization’s website.
UNICEF’s analysis showed that early economic stimulus programs in some countries were effective in protecting children, but that things changed after 2010. that year, most developed countries pivoted sharply from budget stimulus to budget cuts. That had negative effects on children – especially in the Mediterranean region.

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